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Follow NBC News. Senate candidate Layoffs at U. Franks: 'I was wrong' about Iraq's weapons Study claims that other Earths are rare 10 jobs to dream about Ferry officer ple guilty in deadly N. Safety officials urge black boxes for vehicles Cosmic blast is in a class by itself FDA approves new antidepressant for adults Toyota mulls U. Take steps to protect it.


Glitches dog both Mars rovers Los Alamos lab security investigation widens Peterson prosecutors try to show planning So long to long-distance? Car focus on power, speed Investigators concluded Shelby leaked messages Proposed Iraqi amnesty will not cover killers Taurasi never takes a break Portis is key to Redskins' run-oriented offense Bill Maher gets "real" about the race Stocks mixed as investors mull oil prices Retailers post muted July sales growth Long-awaited Windows update released Goodyear Tire posts quarterly profit Supporters question arrest of mosque leaders U.

Politicians come and go, but rule of law endures What do you remember about Nixon?

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Democrats, Bush trading new ad attacks Adelphia to start auction process next month 3 killed as Greyhound bus runs into truck Overdosing on diets U. George W. Bush Democrats' religious director quits Sudan, rebels agree to peace talks under AU New craft planned for deep-sea frontier Bush opposes 'legacy' admissions Bush's message on economytakes beating L. Skycar inventor keeps working on his dream Twins' separation surgery declared a success FBI: Al-Qaida could use helicopters, limos Health insurance provider offers advice Towel found in woman 7 years after surgery Tracheotomy tubes recalled after two deaths Louisiana congressman switches to GOP It's 10 p.

Frist's political rise slows in pace Heart disease differs in women Shield to block drive-by terrorists elusive Taliban commanders reportedly captured Legends of women's soccerhope to go out kicking Phelps undisputed star of U. Get help via cell phone Britain removes mercury from baby vaccine Iraq stops pumping oil from key oilfields Streaming company takes aim at colleges Microsoft testing Web-based instant messaging Denver weighs outlawing the circus Gen.

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Army modernizing expanded Forecasters cut U. C skyscrapers Intelligence officers implicated in Abu Ghraib Teen nudist camp lawsuit dismissed Serial killings suspect convicted in one case Murder, cannibalism aboard migrant boat? The top 10 facts about the meteor show Sudan failing to provide security, report says Rocket crash deals setback to Texas team News Corp.

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Want to get in shape? Hike with your dog New hospitals deed for faster healing SEC bars some fund payments to brokers How would Jesus vote? Was that Kerry or Kerrey?

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Country music stars launch vote project Europe told to expect warm winters by Silly string ban a serious matter in Los Angeles Next-gen rover to practice searching for life Wash. Bush 7Up mixes up a slightly healthier option '' groups rewrite campaign rules U. ZIP:

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