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Coronavirus updates for May 14 are here. By Associated Press. A South Korean professional soccer club has apologized after being accused of putting sex dolls in empty seats during a match Sunday in Seoul. The leagues plan to ban fans until the risks of infections are meaningfully lowered.

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With players competing in front of rows of empty seats, some soccer and baseball teams have been trying to create a festive and humorous atmosphere that involves filling stands with huge team banners, pictures of mask-wearing fans, or even vegetables. The surge in infections comes a day after the federal government extended a nationwide lockdown to May 31 but eased some restrictions to restore economic activity and gave states more control in deciding the nature of the lockdown.

India had eased its lockdown rules on May 4 and even allowed migrant workers to travel back to their homes, a decision that has resulted in millions of people being on the move for the last two weeks. All domestic and international passenger flights remain prohibited in the country. Metro services, schools, colleges, hotels and restaurants also remain shuttered nationwide.

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Most of the infections reported in India are from its major cities. By Laura Newberry. A Canadian aerobatic jet crashed into a British Columbia neighborhood Sunday during a flyover intended to boost morale during the pandemickilling one crew member, seriously injuring another and setting a house on fire. The crash left debris scattered across the neighborhood near the airport in the city of Kamloops, miles northeast of Vancouver.

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Air Force Thunderbirds or the U. The air force said the surviving member does not have life-threatening injuries. A senior government official identified the deceased as Capt. Jennifer Casey, who served as a spokesperson for the Snowbirds. The official was not authorized to speak ahead of the announcement of her death and spoke on condition of anonymity. Our thoughts are also with the loved ones of Captain MacDougall. We hope for a swift recovery from his injuries.

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Officials mishandled coronavirus outbreaks at Lompoc and Terminal Island prisons, lawsuits claim. By Alex Wigglesworth. The American Civil Liberties Union on Saturday filed a pair of class-action lawsuits on behalf of federal prisoners at Lompoc and Terminal Island, claiming officials mishandled coronavirus outbreaks at the facilities that have infected a combined total of 1, inmates, killing Los Angeles County public health officials on Sunday reported new coronavirus cases and 29 more related deaths.

The of lab-confirmed coronavirus patients in L. Kacha never thought too much about it all. Gardening was just a hobby that happened to put food on the table. But as Los Angeles shut down and the world became smaller, as people lost their jobs and the economy faltered, neighbors started stopping by to ask for tips. One brought over a big bowl of oranges from her own backyard, ready to trade for basil. Friends and Instagram followers came ready to barter, too, always standing outside and from six feet away.

In California and across the country, an ancient ethos of community codependence is quietly being revived, as people return to a world where the marketplace is the neighborhood and where bartering and borrowing — or just giving things away — is always preferable to paying. Cuomo is tested for virus on live TV, says New York has a surplus of testing capacity. Andrew Cuomo was tested for coronavirus on live TV Sunday as he announced all people in the state experiencing flu-like symptoms were now eligible for tests.

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Any New Yorkers experiencing flu-like symptoms or those who will be returning to work as part of phased reopenings across the state can now get tested, Cuomo said. The state is expanding eligibility as it deals with a surplus of testing capacity. In all, the state is testing about 40, people per day. An agreement with CVS will allow samples to be collected at more than 60 pharmacies across the state, Cuomo said. By Laura King. With the U. In separate, stark warnings, two major European leaders have bluntly told their citizens that the world needs to adapt to living with the coronavirus and cannot wait to be saved by the development of a vaccine.

With 36 million newly unemployed in the U. Gavin Newsom said Sunday.

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Democrats have pushed for swift assistance to state and local governments, while the White House has said such aid may be premature. President Trump has criticized some states — particularly blue states — for fiscal woes he says have been brought on by poor management.


By Jenn Harris. Wolfgang Puck is one of the most famous chefs in the world.

Arguably the first celebrity chef, he built a culinary empire with a catering company and dozens of restaurants. In Los Angeles, the Austrian chef is known for helping to start a dining renaissance in the s with restaurants Spago and Chinois. We spoke with Puck, who is quarantining in Los Angeles, about the crisis facing the restaurant industry and his thoughts on a solution.

This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

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Most of the restaurants are closed. We are supposed to open in Singapore soon.

In Istanbul soon too. Here in L. With all the overhead of a restaurant, I hope that when we reopen at Spago and Chinois, with some customers coming in and takeout, it will be enough to actually stay alive. By Hailey Branson-Potts. Even after the masks started running low.

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Even, she said, after a patient whose room she had entered without protective equipment fell ill and was put into isolation. Martinez, 62, tested positive for COVID last month, followed by her year-old husband, who had to stop working after having a heart attack last year. Her adult son and daughter, who live with them, also tested positive. For low-paid employees whose work is rarely if ever glorified — the people who clean the floors, do the laundry, serve fast food, pick the crops, work in the meat plants — having the jobs that keep America running has come with a heavy price.

Personals near Alaska, USA

By Bettina Boxall. The cruel toll of the COVID pandemic reaches beyond its victims to hundreds of thousands of family members and friends who have been robbed of communal support and time-honored rituals to help them cope with the loss of loved ones. By Matt Hamilton. The exodus is having a profound and still-evolving effect: Those leaving custody enter a vastly different world in which a collapsed economy, scant job opportunities and the closure of many government offices have compounded the challenges of getting lives back on track.

Roy Cooper ordered affecting indoor religious services during the coronavirus pandemic. The order from Judge James C. Dever agreed with the plaintiffs, who argued that the limits violated their right to worship freely and treated churches differently from retailers and other secular activities.

By Janet Hook.

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Obama delivered the speech, to be followed later in the day by a nationally televised address to high school graduates, as educational institutions across the country have been forced to cancel in-person graduation ceremonies to comply with stay-at-home and social distancing orders during the public-health emergency.

The speeches have turned the national spotlight on Obama at a time when the former president is becoming a central figure in the presidential campaign.

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And after largely keeping away from politics during the primaries, as for much of his post-presidency, Obama has lately aimed a series of withering critiques at Trump for his handling of the coronavirus crisis and other matters. By Kevin Rector. The Los Angeles Police Department wants to give a rapid-result test to everyone its officers arrest to check for the coronavirus and are pushing city officials to secure the equipment to do so.

Such systems exist, though their accuracy has been questioned. Right now, jails are testing all new arrivals, but take days to come back, Moore said. The need for such equipment in Los Angeles, and particularly for those coming into contact with the criminal justice system, is not in question.

Already, more than inmates in L. County jails have tested positive for coronavirus, and more than LAPD officers and staff have tested positive. As of Tuesday, the police department had personnel at home, either because they are symptomatic or had close contact with an infected person. Even vigilant Angelenos are fed up with distancing and are bending the rules.

Personals near Alaska, USA


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