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I am a 35 year old male.

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I recently responded to a Craigslist casual encounters ad in the m4m section about 2 months ago. Everyone thinks I am straight and I am for the most part but I received oral sex from this individual. I was just desperate and needed a release but didn't think it would come to this.

He's telling me now that he just turned 17 and asked me if it was okay during the hookup He didn't if he could still perform oral sex and I agreed I never would. He insists that he told me prior to the hookup but Looking for sex Delaware craigslist did not and I don't even know if it's true, he might just be using a lower age to scare me. I speak to a lawyer in about a week but I am freaking out!

If this person tells people if you like to get your pole smoked by dudes, so be it. If anybody looks down on you because of it, you don't want them in your life to begin with. This is a Class C Felony in my state if he was under the age of 18 He's saying he's 17, after the fact This is a super common scam trying to scare you into paying before you stop and think it through. There's no thinking it through though. He is claiming he's under In my state, anyone over 30 Me engaging in sexual activity with a person who hasn't hit their 18th birthday He's claiming commits a Class C Felony.

This isn't just nude pics or a video of me masturbating, this could actually put me in prison. I'm going to come out straight. You're fucked if he goes to the police.

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I know it's harsh and I know it's not something you want to hear, but here's why:. The court system doesn't listen to the "He told me he was of age! It might help you with a plea but you had sexual contact with a person who cannot consent to it, in your state's eyes. You're going to get charged.


Especially now that he's saying he told you beforehand. It's he said, she said and they're probably going to go with the "victim" in this case. Look up any past rape accusation case and you'll see the likely outcome, it's not pretty. The only thing you can do is get a lawyer and ride this out.

The deed is done. You can't build a time machine and change things, if he's going to contact the police, he's going to do it. Regardless of whether you pay or not. Good luck man. I know my words were harsh but I'm just being honest. Filing a police report, testifying in court, and outting yourself as a gay guy who blows random men off Craigslist?

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I get it's not as bad as what you'd be facing but still pretty bad. Blackmail never ends, if you give him money he'll just keep asking for more, so don't do that. In fact, the best course of action is to not contact or respond to him in any whatsoever from now on. Any texts or other messages he sends you, save to show the lawyer -- especially the ones where he commits the crime of extortion by attempting to blackmail you. Block him on facebook and everywhere else that you can.


Other than that, be silent and do whatever the lawyer says and you should be okay. He also deleted the ad, which I was trying to save because he posted that he was 18 on there, which might have saved me but it's gone. I am so scared. This could ruin my entire career, my life, and make me lose visitation with my children.

I would find a lawyer who can talk to you tomorrow. How old did this person look?

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Do you know who he is in real life? Can you find out?

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Info your lawyer would need as this blackmail. Why has he waited two months?

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Chances are he is calling your bluff. If you actually had sex under 18 in Delaware is considered rape so this is serious if it is true. Don't respond to this person. In the unlikely event that the police come to ask questions, lawyer up immediately and don't answer any questions without your lawyer.

Local Sluts in Delaware, USA

In this situation, OP actually did have sex with someone, and now that same person is claiming to be a minor and attempting to blackmail him. The person may not be a minor but the likelihood is much higher because he must look like a minor in order for OP to believe it, an element which is not present in the common scam that this situation seems like.

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This is a serious offense in my state. A Class C Felony if a person over the age of 30 has a sexual encounter with anybody who hasn't reached their 18th birthday This could be a big issue and I don't know if a lawyer could get me off Try to find out what you can about this person. I assume you have their phone. With the internet you should be able to find out if they're actually of age or not. He's probably a professional scammer over the age of 18 who does this all the time.

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If he is really 17, and now that you refused to pay blackmail - then what does he have to gain from going to the police? All he will get is a criminal record of his own for extortion.

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Found the internet! Criminal Law. Posted by 4 years ago. It seems like this would constitute as Felony Rape! Sort by: best. Money doesn't buy silence, it rents it.

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Continue this thread. I know it's harsh and I know it's not something you want to hear, but here's why: The court system doesn't listen to the "He told me he was of age!

Local Sluts in Delaware, USA

This is a really common scam. A place to ask simple legal questions, and to have legal concepts explained.

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