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Remind me again why prostitution is still illegal? Oh right, because this country is run by uptight prudes who think we should still be living in the s. Anonymous Poster5 Mar pm. Stupid Puritanical culture. And, if you were snidely referring to media, this article refers Illinois prostitutes craigslist real life, not movies. Anonymous Coward5 Mar pm. It is illegal so that women can be exploited and abused by their pimps and customers and not received protection under the law. It keeps the prices high and the profits flowing. I've never heard a little girl say she wanted to grow up to be a hooker.

Illinois Sluts

Women are exploited worldwide and this is the oldest exploitation. Anonymous Coward6 Mar am. That is precisely why it should be legalised. By legalising prostitution you setup laws to and govern it, you afford the adult workers rights and privileges they do not currently get and by in large make it much safer for them to work. Susan25 Apr pm. That's right, and men love to treat women badly.

Law Enforcement are some of the biggest abusers and the legal system makes the most money from the convictions or it would have been legalized a long time ago in the states. Or as the great Prophet George Carlin was known to say: Selling is legal.

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Fucking is legal. Why isn't selling fucking legal?

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Because our government makes so much money from the convictions and jailing people. Starting with jobs for cops, judges, public pretenders, and city and county jails. We live in a very sick society that claims to be living by the laws of the bible, but doesn't take care of their own people. It doesn't have to be this way. That's why. If they do legalize it, it needs to be as thoroughly regulated as it is in Nevada.

The last thing we need is a huge outbreak of STDs, as seen in many other countries with unregulated prostitution or unenforced prostitution laws. Pros are the ones that use condoms religiously.

It's the morons that get picked up in bars that spread diseases. Talk to anyone at a Planned Parenthood.

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Because most women involved in the industry are under 21 and therefore scientifically proven that full decision and discernment faculties are fully developed until early twenties. And since this is the case, trading sex for money turns out in the vast majority of cases to be regrettable. Not to mention the STD issue.

Sex trade in a regulated, controlled environment, perhaps.

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Sex trade on CL, off the street — not particularly wise. Rekrul6 Mar am. Second, you're right, sex trade should be regulated like any other industry. Besides sutting down on STDs, it would be a new source of income for the government and police departments could save money by cutting back on their vice squ. The courts could save money by not having to prosecute men whose only crime was that they were horny.

Local Sluts near Illinois

The only ones who lose are the prudes who think that sex should be kept in the bedroom, between a husband and wife, in the dark, under the covers, with the door locked. Anonymous Coward9 Mar am. By the age of thirteen the brain is fully developed and functions exactly like any other adult brain.

I spent 3 months in Springfield Il. They are so backward and redneck that I guarantee that Lincoln is rolling over in his grave. And the have the nerve to call themselves The Land Of Lincoln. What an insult to an amazing man and his legacy. Noah Body5 Mar pm. Man from Atlanta5 Mar pm.

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And here I thought the "single largest source of prostitution" was, well, prostitutes. Man from Atl - gold.

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one cause of forest fires? Damn trees! Cut 'em down. JB5 Mar pm. Maybe he is upset with Craigslist for increasing competition in his off-duty pimping? The logical endpoint5 Mar pm.

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I would say the largest source of prostitution would be the mothers from whose wombs these pimps and hoes sprung. Of course, you would think there would be some culpabilty with the father as well, but thankfully America is still wonderfully misogynist.

Boycott Mothers Day as a way to strike Illinois prostitutes craigslist the heart of prostitution!!! Or maybe just lock up the hookers. I don't know anymore. You are such a complete moron. Someone should slap the shit out of your mother for Not holding her knee together tightly enough. Ima Fish5 Mar pm. That was fricken hilarious! Who profits when a politician grand stands? Remember that all the slimy bastards wrap themselves in the American flag and motherhood, and circle the wagons to protect the children each election year.

I wager the high sheriff has a challenger somewhere in the offing Or else he is planning a Senatorial run sometime in the near future. JRTomlinson5 Mar pm. Or else he is planning a Senatorial run sometime in the near future" Speaking of prostitution Desco profile5 Mar pm. Paul Brinker5 Mar pm.



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