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Doolin,61, was arrested after police went to her home seeking her daughter, Debra Voshell, on a warrant for prostitution. According to police Sgt. Cristy Hamblin they found Cheryl A. Everts, 45, was arrested and charged with prostitution. Voshell, 28, was arrested on the outstanding warrant. Doolin was charged with pimping.

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This is nothing new. Doolin was charged with pimping and Voshell with pandering after a February incident in Coralville in which Doolin arranged for Voshell to meet an undercover officer.

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Doolin pleaded guilty to that charge and to another pimping charge stemming from an April incident in which she allowed her home to be used for prostitution. Voshell also pleaded guilty to prostitution after a September incident in Johnson County. This resulted in the warrant that brought police to the home last week. Everts was released from jail after an initial court appearance.

Experts say stings are starting to happen at illicit massage parlors across the country, like the one that ensnared Patriots owner Robert Kraft. But none have happened in Iowa, Reader's Watchdog found.

This article was written by kniption for The Dreamin Demon - the Internet's self-appointed buzzkill. Fort Walton Beach, FL — Janet Overdurf, 45, was taken into custody over the weekend after she reportedly flagged down an undercover officer and offered to blow him for a minimal fee. According to police, Overdurf, presumably standing on the corner of Main and Desperate, motioned the officer over at about Saturday evening. When the officer stopped, Overdurf allegedly offered up her oral skills. Slow news day, or what?


Yes, it is. Anyway, once the two settled on the price, Overdurf was placed under arrest for prostitution. For that, an additional charge of possession of paraphernalia was tacked on. Seventeen bucks, Demonites. Deal or no deal?

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Police said that she backed it up with four credit cards, a birth certificate, and Social Security card. Fingerprint analysis, though, indicated that Jahinda was, in fact, Damian A. Ricketts, 27 — a male with outstanding arrest warrants.

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Police investigating then discovered that the truck driven by Ricketts had been stolen. Ricketts and the other prostitute reportedly returned later when the man was at work and burglarized his house, taking electronics and the truck. Police also reportedly found almost armor-piercing bullets in the truck. Truck drivers, hunters, armor-piercing bullets… the level of testosterone in this article is mind-boggling.

Noll, 23, to support their heroin addiction. Police allege that he recently decided increase his return-on-investment by robbing one of her prospective clients after she arranged a liaison with him through Craigslist. As clever as all of this sounds, what could possibly go wrong? According to police, last Thursday night, James E. Wenberg reportedly became suspicious and demanded she return his money before leaving.

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Police said that Wenberg first kept her from leaving but, after Korin Noll tried to give him a shot of pepper spray, Wenberg let her keep the money and told her to leave. According to Wenberg, she did and he locked the door behind her. Deputies responding to a break-in call from Wenberg repoortedly found the front door ripped off the hinges. The person attempting to break down the door was not to be found. Koren and Michael Noll soon turned up at a local hospital with Michael Noll suffering a less-than-superficial gunshot wound to the back.

Michael Noll would be airlifted to a more capable trauma center where he is listed in stable condition. Police would interrupt his treatment to take this priceless keepsake photo. There is no evidence to suggest that he has just been administered a rectal thermometer with the girth and texture of a pretzel rod, but his eyes betray him…. Interestingly, earlier this month Koren Noll was arrested and charged with prostitution and her husband Michael Noll charged with promoting prostitution.

This reportedly after she allowed police to use her prostitution business in a sting operation. The police must really not like you if they arrest you after you help them with their sting. For this incident, Koren Noll was charged with prostitution and felony burglary and theft.

Michael Noll was charged with residential burglary, vandalism and criminal trespass. Sources said he is not expected to face any charges.

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Once Baseer had the occupants attention, she allegedly made the sex-for-McNuggets offer. Shelby, NC — Misty Kullman, 25, is facing a misdemeanor charge of prostitution after police say she performed a sex act on a city street Tuesday. Well, that and her uncanny resemblance to Sideshow Bob. Her story was that the man had picked her up at her home and they were just kinda driving around town, talking and stuff.

The cheap-ass John, though, admitted to police that he had paid Kullman for a sex act.

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An act that police have yet to disclose. Kullman was arrested after an officer found the money on her person. Police took a written statement from the man, but did not charge him with solicitation. Orange County, FL — A woman is recovering in the hospital from having an arm and leg amputated after being attacked by a pit bulland another man is facing charges because of the incident.

Police say year-old Ian Summers had taken Robin Johnson, a known prostitute, to a house in order to have sex and smoke crack.

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In the home was a pit bull named Feisty, a pit bull with a long history of attacking people. Summers admitted he was scared of the dog, but that it was necessary for Johnson to meet Feisty so that it would not get aggressive towards her.

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Unfortunately, the meeting did not go well as Feisty immediately began mauling Johnson. Instead of helping her, Summers simply walked out of the house and shut the door behind him leaving Johnson to fight for her life.

Local Sluts near Iowa

Summers told deputies he ran to get help at a nearby fire station, but witnesses say that it was actually another man who went for help. Luckily for Johnson, someone was in the house willing to help her and was able to separate her from Feisty and get her inside a bedroom and shut the door. One of the deputies who arrived at the home described a bloody living room littered with chunks of human flesh and drag marks from when Johnson had been pulled to safety. Johnson was rushed to the hospital where she had her left arm amputated below the elbow and her left leg below the knee.

Summers was charged with a misdemeanor charge of culpable negligence, and a felony charge of burglary of an occupied dwelling. Investigators found he has been involved in at least three attacks. Troy, OH — A man in Ohio has been accused of raping three of his adopted children and pimping them out to other men. Kenneth Brandt, 39, has been charged with three counts of rape and one of compelling prostitution after getting caught in an online sting.

Brandt had three boys living with him, ages 9, 10, and years-old, as well as a 9-year-old girl. He had legally adopted three of the children from a Texas adoption agency and was in the process of adopting the fourth.

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He only informed police of the sexual assaults after they asked him to help protect his siblings. The private adoption agency the children were adopted from is now under investigation while two other men, year-old Jason Zwick and year-old Patrick Rieder, have been arrested in connection to this case. According to police, James Masingill pleaded for his life as his girlfriend, year-old Laura Morgan, used a crowbar to bludgeon him to death from her wheelchair.

When she returned home a couple hours later, she called and told the dispatcher what she had done. Morgan has been charged with first-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery. According to court records, Morgan has prior convictions for prostitution and drug possession. Morgan and Masingill have been dating for 17 years and neighbors say that the victim was just trying to help Morgan turn her life around.

No one was charged, but police say Masingill had police take a ball bat and machete with them for his safety. The man met Vaughn on Back.

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