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I remember a story a few years back regarding some prostitute soliciting on Craigslist and getting killed by the guy who contacted her. So, if you're looking to whore yourself out, Craigslist might not be the way to go. I'll leave it to someone else to say that sports is the way to go. I don't want to offend anyone. I recently posted an ad for a keyboard I wanted to sell and within 30 minutes I had a buyer. That's the one and only time I've ever used CL. I guess I was lucky. I got a 42" flat screen, a desk, bed frame, ipod touch, and a roommate off craigslist.

Bought a bike rack,air hockey table, found a car, sold some things. No problems.

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Meet with actual people so I guess that can be a plus or minus compared w ebay. So you just set up a public place to meet them?

Never miss a beat.

Nice and slow like. I've used it a couple of times successfully. My brother-in-law got held up once. They had just moved and didn't know they were going to a bad part of town. It all sounded so plausible. No problems for us.

We've sold and got rid of stuff we never thought we could, usually very quickly.

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I sold my car, with cash in hand, in 90 minutes. I have used it sell a bunch of things furniture, old home theater set up, bike, tv, bed, baby stuff, etc. If you include pictures it ificant increases the response rate and the level of responses. I generally only deal with people who have reasonably normal addresses, write well, and give me a name and phone in their initial and ignore the rest.

When my wife and I got married and moved in together I sold nearly all of our duplicate stuff on Craig's List - way easier than having a garage sale.

I actually took the keyboard to his office, and then I let him use it for a day before I went back to get the cash from him. We discovered that we just happened to have some mutual acquaintances, so there was a level of trust built up.

Michigan Sluts

Before we moved, we unload many of our excessive items on CL. The guy showed up and gave me half as a deposit, and came back the next day with a buddy to load it up. It's my only experience, but it went well.

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It paid for the stand for my new TV. I have bought a ton of tools at a fraction of their new price in fact I'm picking up a weber grill with tank incl in ten mins. I have never had a problem.

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Pretty sure it's the way most people apply for cold hiring jobs. I have used it to buy and sell things, find apartments, buy a house, sell a car, find boarding for dogs, etc Not quite sure i'd have the same faith in Mid-Michigan. Craigslist is the mall of poor people.

It's the internet thrift store. I've used it quite a bit - bought and sold lots of things on Craiglist - I think it's great. Every time we upgrade I sell my old iPhones on CL. He told me to meet him at BW3 to pick them up: 2 tickets and a parking pass for the price of one ticket. I bought tickets to Arcade Fire on CL. I sold a video game that came with my TV, PS3 bundle, etc.

You just have to use your instincts because you can tell if someone is suspicious. Start New Topic. Trevor Barnes Expert Staff. Never really used it before but always been leery of it. Anyone have much experience with it? More Options. Check the movie "The Craig's List Killer" and get back with us. Trevor Barnes Expert.

Ok, never mind. Snake Plissken. We have sold some furniture and a vehicle with no issues. The guy that created this message board is scared of Craig's list.

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Seems odd to me. Don't you have to meet with real people Professor Booty. Larry Kazamias.

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Johnny Alpamayo. Murky Waters. CA Sparty. You're an Apple guy.

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Get the CraigsPro app. Do you want tips for buying, or tips for selling?


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