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Despite it not being necessarily talked about as one of the best dating platforms, it was one of the most reliable ways for locals to meet up and have hookups or even form long-lasting relationships every once in a while. In this day and age, there are just far too many dating and hookup sites which we are bombarded with on what feels like a daily basis. Some recommend Tinder, others swear by bumble, and others go with unheard of, sketchy websites which are undoubtedly filled with bots and fake profiles.

Thankfully, better alternatives are finally starting to show up. My main criteria when breaking down the best personals alternatives was to take into a couple of key factors.


First, I wanted to make sure that the user pool was large and healthy. No hookup platform would ever replace Craigslist if it only hosted a couple of thousand people and were exclusive to just the largest cities of the world. The other thing I looked at was how attractive were the users. For me, Adult Friend Finder or AFF was the best when it came to finding the hottest matches near me in the shortest amount of time. AFF is truly amazing and only getting better from experience. Ashley Madison is a website that built its reputation on being a website for affairs.

While it remains largely the same in its nature, it has gone more mainstreams in recent years and people have been using it as a Tinder alternative for grown-ups. Obviously, the user-base is quite massive since this brand has been around for years and for the most part,profiles are quite legitimate.

Singles near Mississippi

However, they did have the scandal a few years ago where the profiles were leaked and since then, the reputation of Ashley Madison has taken quite a hit. Still, relative to what else is being offered on the market, it is has remained one of the most practical and immediate ways to find a hookup for a lot of people. One of the biggest downsides to using Ashley Madison is the cost as the membership fee can be pretty high. Some might tell you that this is the price to be paid to reach the highest quality individuals though. Overall it is a pretty good platform, but it is no longer one of the top 3 like it may have been years ago.

DoubleList is next on our list. It is a website that is almost identical to Craigslist personals in more ways than one and for many, it is their go-to source for dating and hookups now that CP is gone. It is very similar to AFF in that the pool is quite large and you should have no problem finding new matches each day regardless of the size of your city.

However, in my experience the average quality of the girls on here was below what I would typically find on AFF in terms of physical attraction. Unfortunately, I cannot personally review this platform myself but I did have some gay friends share their experiences with me in anticipation of writing this review.

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Out of 3 friends, 2 of them were really, really satisfied with their experience. They were able to tell me that it is a newer website and that a lot of the guys they met on there were pretty seasoned and overall of a high quality.

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They also told me that a lot of the guys were somewhat trying to keep Gays2Fuck a secret in order to prevent it from getting saturated with older, lesser quality men, but unfortunately for them I had to share this website. However, there are no fake profiles or scams going on with this which is a great thing. It has long been the ugly stepbrother of Craigslist and the majority of people on the internet were unaware of this website up until the death of the personals section of Craigslist.

Now, tens of thousands of horny individuals have moved over to this platform with the downfall of Craigslist and Back in recent years. It is alright as a classified website but it is not managed as professionally as other larger companies. Those that live in a big cities should definitely check it out. Fetlife is a website that is recommended pretty often when people ask about what the best alternative to personals is.

I can see why others are into it and nobody minds some light slapping here and there but the girls I met through here were bordering on clinically insane. The user-pool is not great and as the site has gotten older, it has filled up with fake profiles and scammers.

Mississippi Sluts

If you can weed through the trash, you may just be able to find somebody worth meeting or hooking up with. Beware though that there are quite a few bait-and-switch operations going on through this site in certain regions.

What About Dating Apps As An Alternative To Craigslist Personals?

As far as legitimacy goes, this platform might just be the most legitimate one there is. Reddit is heavily moderated andbecause of this, it is quite difficult for spammers, scammers, and bots to get away. When it works, you could even argue that Reddit should be 1 on this list. Unfortunately though, the communities are still pretty small outside of the main regions and not many people are using it in suburban areas.

Singles near Mississippi

While on the surface they may look like good alternatives, sadly most people report that using these applications are a complete waste of time. Other studies even show that even some of the most attractive men on Tinder have a hard time getting matches due to the complete lopsidedness of the user-base. There are just far too many men on many of these apps meaning that the girls can become extremely picky and selective.

Situations like these absolutely spoil the user experience for most regular people and have made a lot of these dating apps pretty toxic.

Can I Search all of Craigslist At Once?

However, this can potentially be a good thing for women. Because there are just so many thirsty guys on a lot of these platforms, it tilts the odds heavily in your favor and a female can become so picky on Tinder that she can narrow it down to the best half-dozen men out of a group of and she will likely match a good percentage of them. One of the biggest things to be aware of when looking for these replacements or substitutes is that there are just so many phoney sites only looking to make a quick buck and potentially lead you on.

Remember that the safest bet is to almost always go with the big fish when it comes to these things and remember that there are a ton of fake profiles on the internet, regardless of the platform. In Marchthe U. The new law holds personals sites criminally liable when their services are abused by third parties. Therefore, Craigslist could face lawsuits if users get stalked, killed or sold into prostitution through the personals section. Craigslist stated that the new law could lead to a shutdown of the entire site. This same law also caused back to be shutdown and created a huge rise in the of back alternatives.

The Craigslist Personals section is highly unlikely to ever be reinstated. As a general classifieds site with millions of users worldwide, Craigslist lacks the centralized resources to eliminate the types of abuse that occurred in the personals section.

While some people view that to be a good thing, a lot of people see it in a negative light but in the end, we will likely all adapt as we have done so for decades before. To be fair, there were a handful of people Craigslist sex Max ND actually found longterm relationships with Craigslist and some even got married, but hookups is what the personals section of Craigslist was notorious for.


Many other lists that outline the best craigslist personals substitutes might mention mainstream dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony, or Match as being viable options as alternatives to what Craigslist once offered. After all, these are private businesses trying to make a profit by having you register for their premium memberships. There are also a lot of serious concerns surrounding these dating apps — this can be things like catfishes, scammers, liars, and algorithms working against you.

Craigslist truly offered a unique dating experience. The personals section of the site offered something for everybody; if you were looking for a hookup, you could find it. The new dating apps have somewhat ruined the dating marketplace and have left many in a position of weakness that they would not have otherwise found themselves in when using Craigslist.

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Nobody has a clear answer to this question, but it is quite unlikely that the personals section of Craigslist will ever come back. The online dating marketplace has also become so saturated with platforms like Bumble, Tinder, And Match, that Craigslist personals would no longer be as popular as it once was anyways. What made Craigslist Personals so special was that it felt much more real than what online dating feels like today.

Singles near Mississippi

Dating through Craigslist personals back in the day felt like passing notes with your crush in class. These days online dating has become extremely difficult for the vast majority of men and it feels more like a meat-market than anything. The beautiful thing about being alive in the 21st century is that in most aspects of life, we are granted with a plethora of options and choices.

Today we can choose from hundreds of different hookup and personals sites and we have the opportunity to really narrow it down to the ones we enjoy using the most. In the beginning of the internet age, people did not have this luxury that we have today.

How Craigslist Works

Whatever you decide to use remember to be safe and to always use your head when making these choices! AdultFriendFinder 5. Ashley Madison 5. DoubleList 4. Gays2Fuck 4. FetLife 4.

Best Craigslist Personals Replacements & Alternatives

Locanto 4. Reddit R4R 4. What Happened to Craigslist Personals? Will Craigslist Personals come back?

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