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Federal agencies have long struggled to stop illegal fishing and drug smuggling in the Gulf of Mexico. But would it Climate czar John Kerry is lobbying House lawmakers to oppose legislation that would ban the import of all Chinese-made goods that are Ethnic studies is now required for future graduating California high school students. A look inside what students talk about in ethnic Wildfires have grown more extreme.

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So have the risks of combatting them. Pandemic-forced school closures revealed how grade-point systems hurt disadvantaged children, prompting educators to look for ways to bring An Arizona school board coordinated with the Chandler Police Department to gather information on concerned parent groups and arrest unmasked The primate who ruled the news vanished again.

Employers are easing job requirements and speeding up hiring procedures to survive a U. Workers at a McDonald's in Bradford, Pa. The trucking industry has churned through drivers for years. The pandemic has made the job even harder, and businesses say the worsening All around the world, the pandemic provoked strange nocturnal visions.

Nebraska Sluts

Can they help shed light on the age-old question of why we dream at Other countries have been galvanized to confront diet issues. The U. Florida was recording cases perpeople and 1.

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These s have But what about the people who follow the rules? As they reel from revenue losses connected to the pandemic, many colleges and universities are racking up other costs not likely to turn up Above, Maranie Staab, photojournalist thrown to the pavement covering antifa Aug. By Mark Hemingway, Fights over how we tell our national story go back more than a century — and have a great deal to teach us about our current divisions. On Beverly Hills' famed Rodeo Drive, police allegedly targeted Black shoppers, who say they feel unwelcome in the wealthy city.

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The World Series was rigged. Hugh Fullerton's revolutionary analysis backed it up.

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But in his calls were ignored by a game now The app hurts sleep, work, relationships or parenting for about An FBI document reminds us: Your cell phone provider knows where you've been—and will tell the feds.

By Paul Sperry, Above, Frank Sinatra in 's. On May 15, an attacker at Thousands of veterans, especially from the Vietnam era, die alone every year, according to a Washington Post investigation. Khalid Payenda said most of the ,strong army and police officers did not exist and that generals added the phantom personnel to Here is how military strategists An examination of country reports to the United Nations reveals a giant gap between what nations declare their emissions to be versus the Tanzania denied the existence of the pandemic for months, even as thousands likely died.

The country is a clue to its hidden global toll; How a drifter from Milwaukee became the chief executioner of the Cuban revolution and a test case for U. Engineers at the University of Texas at Austin have deed a pioneering project to capture carbon dioxide emissions from the existing Randy Constant exploited our trust in the labels—and made a fortune.

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Can suicide be predicted? The hottest trend in media is critiquing the former hottest trend in culture.

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Pharmaceutical giants marketed a treatment target they helped create, and as sales of diabetes drugs soared, so did dangerous incidents of A growing group of laborers is trailing hurricanes and wildfires the way farmworkers follow crops, contracting for big disaster-recovery Facebook Inc.

An unprecedented leak of more than 50, phone s selected for surveillance by the customers of the israeli company NSO Group shows how Nothing to hold or stand on. Even the tallest men are struggling She went undercover to catch a rapist.

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Two decades later, she finally got her chance. Latest News Home Recommended.

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Latest Investigations Set this view as default? Yes No. Set this view as default? State Investigations. Texas: What Went Wrong at Astroworld? South Carolina: Secrets of the Death Chamber.

Singles in Nebraska

Coronavirus Investigations. Desperate Employers Ease Hiring Requirements.


Alabama: Spiritual Fatigue Over the Unvaxxed. Where Did 7 Million Workers Go? Race, Sex and the 'Woke' Era. Technology, Privacy and Censorship. Is Facebook Bad for You? Leaked Facebook Documents: 5 Takeaways. Trump, Biden and the Beltway. International Investigations.

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China: The Battle for Taiwan. Other Investigations. Look Out, Real Estate Boom. It's the Closing Scam Tornado. John F. Wasik, RealClearInvestigations.

Carbon Capture Promises to Cut Emissions. Greens Hate It. The Great Organic-Food Fraud. Can Suicide Be Predicted?

We have launched a new site called Sex Offender Resources Locator, with a new Housing Locator map.

The Cultural Revisionism Industry. Investigative Series. The Facebook Files.

Singles in Nebraska

Our Unequal Earth. ZIP: 75662 75647

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