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The N. Despite repeated complaints from law enforcement and state authorities, Craigslist officials had been recalcitrant about making changes, for both financial and philosophical reasons. Demi Moore talked with the girls, met with House and Senate members, then went to the White House to make her case to senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. David Axelrod dropped in.

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Attorney General Eric Holder also was briefed on the issue. On Aug. They maintain that the [federal Communications] Decency Act [of ] gives them virtually complete immunity from any kind of ability, legally. Obama will outline the proposal Wednesday during a speech on the economy in Cleveland.

Now, this is a turbulent political environment. We have big majorities. But I think we can maintain control in both chambers if we make this a choice between two people, in districts and states.

We have launched a new site called Sex Offender Resources Locator, with a new Housing Locator map.

And we have to make sure Democratic turnout jumps up. Because right now, the Republicans are coming out at a very high level. But I think it's very important in terms of job creation over the longer term. So if we're thinking about growth and long-term good jobs, research is important. So I used to eat differently and take a banana to give me energy before going in.

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Lindsey Graham R-S. I think if the election were held tomorrow, it would be. Carly Fiorina is They met in the early days of the Obama campaign, during the South Carolina primary he was field director and she was an organizer. Hard count: They are taking immediate steps to ensure the stability of Kabul Bank and to protect the financial assets of the Afghan people.

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While we are providing technical assistance to the Afghan Government, no American taxpayer funds will be used to support Kabul Bank. New propane tank, too.

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He was Conrad died early Saturday of natural causes, surrounded by his family at his home in Rancho Palos Verdes … With an unyielding liberal stance rendered in savage black Lincoln new craigslist for sex white, Conrad both thrilled and infuriated readers for more than 50 years.

He won three Pulitzer Prizes … Mayors, governors and presidents cringed at the prospect of being on the business end of Conrad's searing pen, while many Southern Californians made him their first stop as they sifted through The Times, the newspaper that was his principal home for nearly 30 years. The poll, conducted by SurveyUSA last week, was done at a time that economic news has been grim and after a conservative-issues group began running television linking Conway, Kentucky's attorney general, to both President Barack Obama and the health-care overhaul.

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin D-S. He had to lay off three interns due solely to the healthcare law. Now the work isn't getting done and those kids have no entry to the work world. Meanwhile in Washington, they still blame Bush's failed policies for today's employment problems. On Tuesday, Obama asked the country to turn the on Iraq as if that were as easy as, say, voting for him in His brief rhetorical pivot from the war to the economy only raised the question of why the crisis of joblessness has not merited a prime-time Oval Office speech of its own. Even when the economy picks up, these sectors won't quickly rehire all the workers they shed during the downturn.

Many small businesses, squeezed by tight credit and slow sales, similarly aren't in a hurry to add employees.

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Some big corporations are enjoying record profits precisely because they've kept a tight lid on hiring. And state and local governments are looking to ax more teachers, police officers and social workers to balance their budgets. Most voters are just beginning to focus on the candidates and their messages. The final months of the campaign will test just how receptive swing voters will be to the populists who so excited the conservative base. Only 26 percent have a favorable impression of Quinn.

By contrast, four in 10 voters hold no opinion of Brady, a veteran lawmaker from downstate Bloomington. Facing a perilous political environment that has left the House Democratic majority in jeopardy, Van Hollen told reporters in a briefing at the National Press Club that the party faces a series of difficult decisions about which candidates to invest in this fall — and whom to leave behind. It seemed obvious: People live longer today, and so they should work later into life. But as I've looked at the issue, I've decided that I was wrong.

So let me be the skunk at the party. We should leave the retirement age alone.

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In fact, we should leave Social Security alone -- unless we're making it more, rather than less, generous. They work on their feet. They strain their backs. They're bored silly at the end of the day. By the time they're in their 60s, they want to retire.

It's a simple transfer program, with administrative costs that amount to less than 0. There's not much fat to cut.

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That can't be said for much else in American public policy. Our health-care system costs twice as much as the German system and doesn't deliver better. Our defense sector is wasteful and bloated. Our tax code could raise more money and do less to harm growth if we cleaned it out. Our home prices are driven upward by the mortgage interest tax deduction. Our health insurance premiums are goosed by the exclusion of employer-sponsored insurance from taxable income.

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Reforming any of those sectors or, in the case of health care, reforming it more would be politically difficult, but would mean better policy. Reforming Social Security will be politically difficult and result in worse policy.


Mitchell, when the two sides run into serious obstacles. It may prove the greatest test yet for Mrs. Clinton, one that could cement her legacy as a diplomat if she solves the riddle that foiled even her husband … The tableau of Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Abbas chatting amiably Thursday in front of the marble fireplace in her office, officials said, testified to her relentless phone calls in recent weeks as she wore down the reluctance of the Palestinians to come to the table … The choreography last week … bore the imprint of Mrs.

Clinton, officials said.

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The administration debated having her travel to the Middle East to restart the talks, but she persuaded Mr. Obama to take a central role. Stiglitz and Linda J. For example, the cost of diagnosing, treating and compensating disabled veterans has proved higher than we expected. Increased indebtedness meant that the government had far less room to maneuver than it otherwise would have had. But mounting government debt means support for this is low. The result is that the recession will be longer, output lower, unemployment higher and deficits larger than they would have been absent the war.

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Linda J. Bilmes and Joseph E. King drowned at home after a long bout with alcohol and depression. His interpretation of the march diminished the prior mass movement to portray Dr. King as the lone spark in dark national despair.

Even so, he made peace for one day with the liberal half of the American heritage. I think that represents a great and exciting trend for the paper; none of us can afford to think in old rubrics for new generations of readers. The team made the announcement on Saturday, shortly before the Cardinals had to reach their man roster limit.

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