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Formerly one nation known as Czechoslovakia, the country is a former communist nation, being occupied by the Soviet Union until InCzechoslovakia was dissolved forming two separate countries; the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is therefore no surprise to learn than the Czechs are generally akin to this ideal of non-conformist, slightly eccentric and alternative lifestyle. There are an estimated half a million foreigners living in the country with a further 30 million tourists visiting each year. It is a diverse nation, rich in its own culture but also embracing outside influences.

This freedom from religious dogma has influenced social and cultural attitudes towards sex and the Czechs have a healthy relationship with Craigslist Prague OK sex intimacy and sexual activity. Though the data is now over twenty years old, it does show a surprising contrast in beliefs and opinions in a relatively new post-soviet era.

Compare these kinds of attitudes to somewhere like Romania whose communist decline coincides with the Czech Republic and the differences are very marked. More recent studies conducted in by The Pew Research Center in their Global Attitudes Project revealed that the Czech Republic is the most morally accepting country in the world. Pornography and prostitution is legal and the big towns and cities have a large of adult entertainment venues that are frequented by locals and tourists. You can also find sex shops selling a wide range of toys and bedroom accessories.

The population is well educated and hard working with a good economy. Sex education is compulsory in the Czech Republic and begins at the age of seven covering a comprehensive curriculum that includes contraception, reproduction, STDs and pregnancy.

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There has been some debate over the last decade with the government further extending the role played by schools in this area. A new teachers guide introduced in proved controversial when it allowed more scope for schools to choose the depth and reach of their sex-ed programmes including homosexuality and sex crimes. Generally, the risk of STDs is considered average for Europe with fluctuations in the rise and fall in the of cases of syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and HPV.

Porn is legal in the Czech Republic with the exception of violent depictions, minors and animals. Sale and distribution of adult content is widespread and there is no shortage of supply in both domestic and imported material. Indeed, the country has a large of studios which produce their own content, including Prague Porn Productions and Bohem Productions. There are fifteen studios in the city of Prague alone that create all-male content making it the capital of gay porn. There is even a studio where the public can produce and direct their own porn. YourPorn Productions will let you be the boss of a working porn studio so you can cast, direct and produce a personal DVD in high-quality.

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As well as production studios, the city is home to companies such as Beez, Pornhub and XVideos. The European Porn Summit is also held in Prague. The appeal of the country to foreign producers is not only economic though the lower wages and production costs certainly help.

Contributing factors include the abundance of pretty Czech girls willing to star in adult films, a liberal minded attitude towards content and great internet speeds. Czechs are also well known for being excellent business people with great entrepreneurship and creative energy.

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According to global tube giant, Pornhub, people spend more time per session watching porn featuring Czech performers than many other ethnicities including Asian, Russian, Latina and French. In the latest figures taken from the popular porn hosting site, XVideos, these are the current top ten porn stars from the Czech Republic:.

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It is worth pointing out that nine of the top ten porn stars from the Czech Republic are also in the top fifty European performers. Four are also in the top in the world; no mean feat for a nation of just The Czech Republic has produced hundreds of porn stars; far too many to list here but the most notable and our favourites are Barbara Summer, Dolly Buster and the current flavour of the month, Lucie Wilde.

She has won many awards to honour her contribution to the adult film industry including a Venus Lifetime Achievement Award in The blonde bombshell was born in the Czech Republic in and retired from porn to work as a director and producer as well as writing novels. She is well known for her huge breasts which are all natural and measure a mammoth 34L. She has worked on a of titles providing entertainment in various scenes including DP, anal and, of course, Spanish style.

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Pimping and running a brothel are not legal but the latter do still operate. However, policing is lax and most bordellos never face any kind of investigations or raids. The exception to this is if there are other crimes suspects such as drugs, money laundering or trafficking.


There are an estimated 25, prostitutes working in the country with the majority servicing the demand in the capital, Prague. The sex industry is vast and varied, providing numerous ways for locals and tourists to get serviced.

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In Prague alone, there are illegal brothels with many more sex clubs, erotic massage parlours and prostitution services. There is even a sex museum in Prague which explores the history of sex both within the Czech Republic and across Europe. As a result, sex tourism in the country is very popular particularly with stag events.

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Most of the larger cities, including Prague, have red light areas where sex workers and venues can be found in abundance. Global porn tube video hosting site, Pornhub, reports annual statistics on the viewing trends for each country. The last time the Czech Republic was surveyed was in and revealed the following insights:. Czech porn is widely available across the major tube hosting sites but there are also some speciality networks and websites offering niche access to adult content from the Czech Republic.

The most popular of these is the Czech AV Network.

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The country has long had a reputation for equality and liberal mindedness with the general population being supportive for gay rights. At present, same-sex couples may register their relationship in a civil court but there is no provision in place for marriage to be recognised.

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Homosexuality was decriminalised in with the age of consent being equalised in now, age Homosexual prostitution was also decriminalised in Sincemembers of the LGBTQ community are protected by comprehensive anti-discrimination laws covering employment, education and access to goods and services.

Transgendered persons may change their legal gender following treatment and surgical intervention. Generally speaking, the Czechs are a tolerant nation when it comes to diversity and being gay or trans in the Czech Republic is viewed positively. Unlike neighbouring countries of Poland, Slovakia and Austria, there is less of a religious influence on society.

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This is particularly true in both Prague and Brno. Inthe Prague city authorities produced the first pink map of the city indicating all of the gay saunas, bars and clubs.


Prague and Brno both host annual Pride and Queer events which are well attended. However, as in most other nations, these parades and festivals also attract far-right groups who stage protests. Online dating is very popular in the Czech Republic with many young singles using the internet to find a hook up or potential partner. The following selection of sites offer a good range of opportunities for both casual encounters as well as more regular dating. Craigslist has a reputation Craigslist Prague OK sex being the home of the hook up and has a category in its personals section exclusively for a no-strings attached date.

This category is often abused with escorts using the site to advertise services without any listing fees. However, there are often some genuine to browse from too. With 1. Around 0. The site was launched in and has a strong reputation for matching singles looking for love.

However, profiles on the site are varied and there are a good of people looking for casual dating opportunities. You can use the site for free but the best features are only available with premium membership. A close second in popularity is Stesti, ranked th most visited site in the Czech Republic. The site draws around 1. The remainder of views are scattered from across Europe and the U. The site is more simple in de that Seznamka with profiles being quite thinly populated with basic information and just a single photo. The site offers free registration but, like Seznamka, you need to pay to access most of the useful features.

This site only gets around views each month but there are still around profiles of single women available to view. The database of individuals also extends to other Central and Eastern European countries including Slovakia. Love Awake is an international dating site based in India offering free online messaging for singles.

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The site has a tendency to be used by more mature individuals as well as having a high proportion of people looking for more serious relationships. The s of users on Love Awake in the Czech Republic are around hits per month 1. There is lot more interaction from European visitors than Love Awake and overall traffic is about twice as high 1.

In Januaryaround 32, views were registered from the Czech Republic making it a busy site for regular profile views. Featured image via Pixabay. We have published 27 country profiles, 64 local city guides, and hundreds of hours of research for your reading leisure. Want to know more about sex in the Czech Republic?

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