Personalize a Funeral, Burial, Cremation Service

Below are possible ideas to help you create a memorial that best reflects your loved ones life. These are only suggestions and we hope that you will expand on them to create a special event to carry on the cherished memories of your loved one. It is our desire that you will reflect back with fond, warm memories of this "special tribute". Our staff pledges to do our part in assisting you during this difficult time.

A visual blend of photographs of your loved one with background music. Ask your Director for more information. A perfect means to personalize the event.

A display of various items that would represent your loved ones life i.e. If they enjoyed golf, maybe a set of golf clubs, tees, golf balls, trophies, pictures, or even a golf cart could be displayed. Memorabilia can also be a prized automobile, or vehicle that could be present or lead the funeral procession. We have several "memory tables" for your display and will gladly help you with the presentation.

Programs to be handed out to guests that feature a picture of your loved one with a special poem, reading or verse printed inside. Just bring us a favorite photo or snapshot.

Sometimes wild flower seeds, golf tees, or anything that you feel would be appropriate is attached inside the memorial folder as a "keepsake" for the guests to take as a memorial. Also, we can arrange to have inserts that request the attendees to jot down a memory of their friend, and we will then collect them for the family.

Often photographs are placed on picture boards in the form of a collage and displayed on easels for family and friends to reflect. We generally place these by the registry.

There are many ways to personalize floral pieces, for instance, sport memorabilia, work attire, tools or anything reflective of your loved ones life can be included in a floral arrangement. An example would be a casket spray with elk horns extending out.

Creates an appropriate focal point for cremation services by elevating and surrounding the urn with flowers and placing on a memory table.

Instruments such as bagpipes, a harp or bugle may also be appropriate. Often a collection of personal favorites are brought in for prelude, postlude and reception music. Ask about our piano/keyboard/organ.

Sharing food and drink has become a common tradition with American ritual. Receptions can be held after a memorial event, or incorporated in with the event itself. We can arrange it for you ... from cookies, punch, and coffee, to finger foods and sandwiches. You and your family and friends can gather in one location rather than moving and losing many guests.

In procession to the cemetery it is possible to drive by the family residence. You may consider leading the procession with a personal vehicle or a business vehicle i.e.-fire truck, police car, FedEx truck, mail truck, ambulance, motorcycles, log truck, etc.

This is very popular today . Remarks may be shared by family members or friends and there can be open sharing from the guests attending the memorial event. Often times family members (who feel they may be too emotional) will write their memories for the speaker or officiant to read on their behalf. Encourage children and grandchildren to share.

Over 50% of the families we serve are "unchurched". Celebrants are local members of the community who have completed training and certification that are available to help you create the kind of memorial event that you desire for your loved one. These people often act more as a master of ceremonies. Celebrants are caring people with warm hearts that are comfortable with public speaking. They will assist in creating a very personalized tribute ceremony. It does not have to be a religious events.

A candle lighting ceremony may be incorporated within the service in memory of your loved one.

Following the memorial event the releasing of balloons in your loved ones memory.